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Top 4 Benefits of a Teatox



With springtime on its way and summer on its heels, you may be considering “spring cleaning” your body by doing a detox: out with the old, in with the new. Detoxing is a wonderful way to shed the weight of winter, both physically and mentally. It helps along the processes of your liver, kidneys and bowel so that your body can perform more efficiently.

Most of us have heard about the benefits of detox teas for removing the body’s toxins, losing weight and reducing bloating. You’ll want to combine a healthy diet and regular exercise along with the detox tea for the best results, as a “teatox” can also offer many lesser known health benefits! Here are a few more reasons to consider detoxing with tea this spring.

1.Better hydration

Committing to drinking your daily detox teas means committing to drinking more water every day. Most of us are chronically dehydrated, which can lead to health issues and mental sluggishness. Tea is just as hydrating as plain water so you’ll reap the benefits without sacrificing taste.

2.Clearer, glowing skin

Your skin is your largest organ and is a telltale indicator of when your body is feeling overloaded. Better hydration combined with the antioxidants and polyphenols found in tea will help your skin replenish and repair so you can recapture that youthful glow!

3.Better sleep and more energy

Our bodies are designed to detox naturally, but when toxins start to build it can be difficult for our bodies to keep up. That can lead to a overall run-down feeling, plus extra work for our body during slumber— the time when our restorative processes kick into high gear. Detox teas help to clear out those toxins, so sleep is more restorative and rejuvenating, leading to days where we are better rested and full of energy.

4.A better frame of mind

A teatox is a time for change, where you hit reset: halting poor choices that would impede your progress and being mindful of the steps you’re taking towards a healthier body and lifestyle. By the time it has ended, you’ll be well on your way to committing longterm to the improved habits that make for a healthier lifestyle. When you see results from your teatox in your appearance, energy and mood, you’ll have the motivation to continue on the path to a healthier you!

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