How I reached my Wedding Day Goals with Skinny Beautea (Before & After) | Skinny Beautea 14 & 28 Day Teatox Program

How I reached my Wedding Day Goals with Skinny Beautea (Before & After)

*Written By Jillian Montague 

I was recently married in Punta Cana for our beautiful destination wedding. There is a little more pressure on the Bride to look good because not only do you have to look good in your dress, you have to look good all week in a bathing suit.

In the new year, I wanted to take operation bikini to the next level. Working out & eating healthy alone wasn’t giving me the results that I was looking for. This is when I made my first order with Skinny Beautea. The level of professionalism and personalized service puts this Teatox company a step up on the other companies out there. My order came with a personalized note from their team, inviting me to email them with any questions I may have along my "Teatox Journey"

I ordered the 28 day Skinny Beautea program which was so simple to do. The website was easy to maneuver and within minutes I had my order placed. The packaging was beautiful, there was a hand written note attached and the product had easy to read and understand, informative descriptions. The instructions were easy to follow and it was effortless to bring the teas into my daily routine. It also came with free shipping, an adorable infuser, and a beautiful blue gift box. (talk about exceptional value).

Is I slowly untied the ribbon, it truly felt like a had gotten myself a very special gift.

The daytime tea was exactly what I needed to get through the day! Not only did I have extra energy, I stopped hitting that road block after lunch. The 'Sleeping Beautea" night time tea aided with keeping me regular and it was the perfect cup of tea to enjoy in the evening after a long day at work.

Overall I found adding these teas into my regular workout & healthy eating routines, it aided my body in giving it that extra push towards my weight loss goals. (I lost 15 lbs overall!) I have made multiple orders of these teas & I plan to order more when operation summer commences. Hands down the best Skinny Teatox on the market!

Top: Jillian's Before Photos

Bottom: Wedding day photos

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